Rodent Control & Exclusion

Exterminator Miami for Rodent Control & Exclusion

South Florida has Them, we Remove Them!

Xtinguish Exterminator Miami understands that rodents can be a Nuisance in any South Florida home or business. Rodents make their way into your home looking for food and shelter. Rodents can do extensive damage to wiring and AC ducts in attic. They also can carry and transmit disease.

Using our three step method we can eliminate any existing rodent problems and provide rodent proofing of homes and offices. Xtinguish can also rodent proof your home before you ever have a rodent problem.

Three Points:

  • Trapping: trapping and removal of rats and mice in attics, inside homes, offices, warehouses, schools, and commercial businesses. Quick removal of all dead rodents to ensure no odor.
  • Outdoor Rodent Bait stations: These stations are placed strategically around the structure and maintained on a regular basis to eliminate rodents.
  • Rodent Exclusion: sealing the outside structures to prevent any future rodent infestation in the home or entrance.

Each Home and Business is Unique

As an exterminator with in-depth experience in South Florida rodents and pests, we apply a science-based approach that identifies the root cause of rodent problems. We then implement a customized solution designed for your home and outside area. Rodents are often predictable in their behavior and we detect rodent trails on your property and apply discrete capture systems that are very effective.

The approach we take is not just to address a current infestation but also to prevent future infestations. When is the best time to call us? If suspect rodent droppings in our around your home or building or you locate a rodent within your home, it is the best time to contact us. Often if you see one rodent within a home could mean there is an infestation. We can determine that for you.